Bible Buds Live: 14th April 2021

It’s time for the first Bible Buds Live of the Summer Term! And to kick us off, we’re getting into the Summer spirit with some sports day races, as we find out about our race in life with Jesus. Mr Bible has some very special sporty words from Hebrews chapert 12 verses 1-2, which really helps Betsy Bear and Bertie Badger to keep going and not give up!

So get warmed up, put your trainers on and join Anna and the Bible Buddies as you watch another Bible Buds Live…

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Bible Buds Live and are ready and raring to go in your race in life! In fact, if you’re a toddler group leader, raring to start your toddler group again after lockdown, then buying the Bible Buds resource can help you get ready! (Or if you’re a parent/carer – go tell your church leader to buy the resource!) Browse our website, and our shop for more details.

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For even more fun, check out Bible Buds Adventures! Episode 1 is here and Episode 2 is here. And don’t forget, Bible Buds Live will be back on your screens on Wednesday 19th May! Just go to our Facebook Page for another action-packed session.

All that’s left to say is… goodbye Bible Buds!