Bible Buds Easter Activity #5

Well, on this special Easter Monday, we come to an end of the Bible Buds activities! We hope you have had fun celebrating Jesus’ love this Easter. We have one last fun activity for you, and it’s a messy one! As we enjoy the season of Spring, and the signs of new life popping up all around, let’s remember the new life we can have, thanks to Jesus.

And to help you remember, Anna and Bud have had a light BULB moment…

So there you go, we hope you had fun this Easter! All these activities have been taken from Bible Buds Book 4, and there’s plenty more from where they came from! Check out our shop to get your hands on a copy of Bible Buds.

(Did you know that if you buy Books 1-5, you get Book 6 for FREE?!)

Happy Easter Monday everyone!