Bible Buds Adventures: Episode 2

After the successful launch of Bible Buds Adventures, we’re proud to release Episode 2, based on Psalm 46 verse 10, and full of lots of fun!

This brand new series is designed for young families, so feel free to share Bible Buds Adventures with any family you think may enjoy it.

For now, snuggle up under a blanket, be still and know God is with you whilst you watch!

We hope you enjoyed Bible Buds Adventures Episode 2! All the Bible Buddies characters are taken from the Bible Buds resource, which you can buy in our shop. And if that’s not enough fun for one day, there is a discount offer on for a limited time only! Check out the details here!

All that’s left to say is remember God is with you whilst you do your jobs AND whilst your still and rest. Goodbye Bible Buddies!