Bible Buds: Summer – Second Half Term


Six sessions each including: a Bible theme and a secular theme; conversation starters; 3 craft ideas; 3 play ideas; interactive puppet scripts and Bible stories; songs; snack suggestions; and activity handouts for families to take home. Feel free to pick ‘n’ mix the activities to suit your group!


The six sessions for the second half term of Summer are:

  • Let’s be royal children (King Jesus & His Kingdom)
  • Let’s shout hooray for daddies (Paul, Timothy & our Heavenly Father)
  • Let’s keep going (Run the Race)
  • Let’s enjoy Summer fruit (The Fruit of the Spirit)
  • Let’s go to the seaside (A Growing Family)
  • Let’s stay friends (Heaven & Friendship with God)

Available as a digital PDF with extra goodies to download (like Bible Buds songs and story illustration posters) – or upgrade to get a print copy as well.