Summer Throwback #9

Let’s Keep Going!

Life can be a bit like a race, full of challenges to overcome, can’t it? Right from a baby’s first breath, through childhood, into the teenage years and then into adulthood – the race continues! We have to learn how to: feed, sleep, sit up, crawl, walk, run, write our names, read books, dress ourselves, make friends, take exams, get a job, understand social skills, pay bills and so on! At each milestone of our lives, it could be easy to give up, but today’s Summer Throwback video encourages us to keep going, because God is with us, helping us. And the great news is, we have Jesus cheering us on in our race! So whether we’re a child or an adult – let’s keep going!

Join Bertie Badger and Betsy Bear today, and cheer them on as they struggle to keep going in a special race…

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Have a great day, see you tomorrow for Summer Throwback #10