Summer Bundle


This bundle covers the whole of the summer term and includes Bible Buds Book 5 and 6. See below for more details…


Each session includes: a Bible theme and a secular theme; conversation starters; 3 craft ideas; 3 play ideas; interactive puppet scripts and Bible stories; songs; snack suggestions; and activity handouts for families to take home. Feel free to pick ‘n’ mix the activities to suit your group!

The summer term themes are (Bible story in brackets):

  • Let’s love our world (Jesus’ final command)
  • Let’s lift up our eyes (Jesus’ ascension)
  • Let’s party together (Pentecost)
  • Let’s be family (Early Church life)
  • Let’s be different together (Philip & the Ethiopian)
  • Let’s be friendly neighbours (Paul’s conversion & welcome)
  • Let’s be royal children (King Jesus & His Kingdom)
  • Let’s shout hooray for daddies (Paul, Timothy & our Heavenly Father)
  • Let’s keep going (Run the Race)
  • Let’s enjoy Summer fruit (The Fruit of the Spirit)
  • Let’s go to the seaside (A growing family)
  • Let’s stay friends (Heaven & friendship with God)

Available as a digital PDF with extra goodies to download (like Bible Buds songs and story illustration posters) – or upgrade to get a print copy as well.