Bible Buds Merch!

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy making some new buddies and are very excited to now be selling some merchandise!


We are partnering with One Way UK who supply our buddies, Bertie Badger, Betsy Bear and Mr Bible. Betsy and Bertie come with their Bible Buds T-shirts and they all come with a whole lot of love!

Use these puppets alongside the Bible Buds puppet scripts that go alongside each session’s Bible story. Puppets are a great tool for helping young children engage with the Bible, and our Bible Buddies are designed to be relatable to young children. They really are worth the investment!


It’s not just our Bible Buds puppets who can have our colourful t-shirts, you can too! We are partnering with Greater Love Clothing, where you can not only buy Bible Buds t-shirts for your team, but families can buy ‘I’m a Bible Buddy’ t-shirts for children to wear!

Greater Love is an independent sustainable clothing brand advocating fair pay and eco-friendly products, supporting small businesses and prioritising giving back to those who are less fortunate within our society over profit. So why not get some matching t-shirts and spread the love?!

Story Sacks

In each session’s Bible story, there are ‘Story Sack Moments’ where children can pull out a relevant prop from the story, creating suspense and excitement, as well as lots of fun! So that’s why we’re now selling Bible Buds Story Sacks for you to use in your toddler group!

Our Story Sacks are colourful and very spacious, 720mm tall and 490mm wide, so you can fit a lot of props in (but probably not the kitchen sink)! Head over to our shop now for more details.