Bible Buds Live: Christmas Special!

Well, we’ve ended the year with a festive, fun-filled Bible Buds Live! What a special time of year it is, where we can have lots of festive fun, and celebrate Jesus’ birthday on Christmas day, and the gift of friendship He brings each of us.

This is exactly what Mr Bible told us in today’s Bible Buds Live! So get your Christmas gear on, grab a mince pie and enjoy a very Christmassy Bible Buds Live – the last one of 2020!

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Bible Buds Live Christmas Special, and are now looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ birthday this Christmas! Next week you can watch our 4th Bible Buds “How To?” Training video about how to use puppets, songs and stories during the Covid-19 Pandemic. (If you missed our first three training videos, click here).

All the Bible Buddies wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and His friendship for each of us.

For now, goodbye Bible Buds!