Bible Buds Live: Wednesday 18th November 2020

It’s time for another Bible Buds Live! This morning we had a great time with our Bible Buddies, Bertie Badger and Mr Bible, finding out about how we can give thanks to God the Father for everything, including giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day next week.

And today’s live session created Bible Buds history… we went international, with a family watching all the way from Sweden!

So, if you want to watch the video, here it is…

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s Bible Buds Live. Next week you can watch our 2nd Bible Buds “How To?” Training video about how to connect with families using Bible Buds during the Covid-19 Pandemic. (If you missed our 1st training video, click here.) Then on 2nd December at 10am, Bible Buds Live will be back!

But for now, goodbye Bible Buds!