Summer Throwback #12

Let’s Stay Friends!

Today is the last day of our Summer Throwbacks, but we’re finishing in style! The Bible Buds resource takes us on a tour of the whole Bible, starting in Genesis and finishing in Revelation, which is where our video takes us today! The key message interwoven throughout the 36 sessions is how much God loves us and wants to be our friend. This video reminds us that we can stay friends with those around us, and with our 3 in 1 God in Heaven. Not only that, but if we want to, we can be friends with God forever – how amazing is that?!

So get yourselves comfy and enjoy our final Summer Throwback video…

We hope you have enjoyed our Summer Throwback videos! If you want to find out more about Bible Buds, or explore this friendship with God further, go to our ‘About’ page or ‘Look Inside’ page to download a sample of Bible Buds Session 1. Or get in touch with the Bible Buds office on our ‘Contact’ page.

All that’s left to say is…

Goodbye Bible Buds, we’ve had lots of fun, we’ll see you again soon!