Bible Buds is Here!!!

Bible Buds is officially here! After a fab few groups piloting the resource, hundreds participating in our research, and thousands of hours writing the content, with great joy and excitement, we can finally say…  


Admittedly, when choosing September 2020 for our launch, we had no idea COVID-19 would be happening. But we are confident that Bible Buds can still be a powerful (and fun!) tool to help bring friendship with God into blossom – however that may look in our current situation. (Keep an eye out for free guides that will help with adapting the material to a digital setting, which we’ll be putting out soon.)

So as we start this next chapter, we would love for you to join the Bible Buds family, including Bertie Badger, Betsy Bear and Mr Bible, in sharing and declaring God’s love to those around us. 

All that’s left to say is… go check the six books out on our shopping page!